Qi Balance

Monthly acupuncture for Qi Balance promotes a healthy constitution and long life

Historically in China, acupuncturists were paid to keep people well. You paid the acupuncturist, followed your instructions, came for treatments if necessary.If you got sick you stopped paying the acupuncturist and it was their responsibility to get you well again.

In the traditional view acupuncture works by redirecting the flow of Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), the life force. By knowing the ways of Qi and the special properties of each acupuncture point, a skilled acupuncturist can redirect the body's energy in delicate and sophisticated ways, conserving Qi whenever possible and draining toxic stagnant energies safely.

The reduced stress levels that flow from good health habits and regular acupuncture treatment can speed personal growth and development. The accelerated aging characteristic of high-stress lifestyles is slowed and the development of degenerative disease is delayed or blunted. 

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