Having practiced obstetrics in China, Dr. Li has an extensive knowledge of reproductive medicine, and has had excellent success here in Canada using acupuncture for assisted reproduction. Please see our fertility testimonials.

Research demonstrates that acupuncture is beneficial for women undergoing IVF. In 2002, a team of German researchers showed that acupuncture significantly increased the odds of pregnancy among a group of 160 women  undergoing IVF treatment. Forty-two per cent of the women who received acupuncture got pregnant, compared to 26 per cent of those who didn't receive the treatment.

(Paulus WE, et al 2002: Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy. Fertil Steril 77:721-724) (link to PubMed)

Conception and ongoing pregnancy rates were shown to be higher for women who had acupuncture treatment in the second part of their menstrual cycle (the luteal phase) following IVF or ICSI.  Researchers believe that acupuncture may help increase blood flow to the uterus and relax the muscle tissue, giving the embryos a better chance of implanting.

(Dieterle S, et al 2006 Effect of acupuncture on the outcome of in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a randomized, prospective, controlled clinical study. Fertil Steril 85:1347-1351)

(link to PubMed)

Acupuncture can also help male infertility. Regular treatments have been shown to improve sperm counts and motility (the strength with which the sperm swim) for men with fertility problems.  For couples considering assisted conception, acupuncture can help by improving the quality of the sperm. In a study published in 1997, researchers analysed sperm samples from men with infertility of unknown cause before and after acupuncture treatments. They found that acupuncture was associated with fewer structural defects in sperm and an increase in the number of normal sperm.

(Siterman S, Eltes F, Wolfson V, Zabludovsky N, Bartoov B 1997 Effect of acupuncture on sperm parameters of males suffering from subfertility related to low sperm quality. Arch Androl 39:155-161)

(link to PubMed)