Continuing Education in Acupuncture

Continuing Education with Qing Li and Xiao Han Li is an incredible opportunity to improve your clinical practice and understanding of Chinese Medicine in only 8 sessions! It is an essential review and expansion on what you’ve learned while obtaining your Diploma of Acupuncture.

Who is eligible:

Anyone who has graduated with their Diploma of Acupuncture.

What it is:

One-on-one clinical shadowing: Deepen your understanding of all clinical aspects of Chinese Medicine with a focus on improving your practice and filling your knowledge gaps.

Condensed course length: Choose between eight full-length (eight hours) sessions, or 16 half-length (four hours) sessions.  Total training time is 64 hours.

Flexible Scheduling: Course dates are customizable to work with your schedule. You may schedule your clinical sessions daily, weekly, monthly or at irregular intervals.

Potential to study with highly qualified TCM Practitioners. You can study entirely with Qing Li or under the co-supervision of Xiao Han Li and Qing Li. The benefit of studying with both practitioners is an exposure to multiple clinical perspectives, which is essential for a strong TCM practice.

What you’ll learn:

-Clearer explanation of Foundations, Diagnosis, Internal Medicine and Treatment Principles

-Point Prescriptions        -Needling Techniques        -Moxibustion

-Fire Cupping                  -Gua Sha                           -Tui Na

-Linaments                      -Herbal Medicine

The benefits of one-on-one clinical mentoring:

-Chinese Medicine is a clinical practice. Shadowing qualified practitioners in clinic is essential to understanding the medicine.

-Qing Li and Xiao Han Li are both highly qualified, combining two important sources of information in the vast landscape of the Chinese Medicine tradition: family lineage and training at two of the best universities (Chengdu and Guangzhou) in China.

-Information Access. There is a rich amount of historical and contemporary research, clinical information and textbooks published in Chinese. Unfortunately, there are very few good quality source texts accessible in English or French. Qing Li and Xiao Han Li are able to offer the best and most relevant information in English that would otherwise remain inaccessible to Westerners.

-Chinese Medicine is a cultural medicine. Qing Li and Xiao Han Li can offer context to cultural aspects of TCM.

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